Hi, everyone! LÖVELINESS is a Chrome extension that lets you play LÖVE games in the browser. Neat, huh? It works using Native Client, a technology that runs native code on the web, safely. Thank goodness for that.

You probably already know that LÖVELINESS can be found in many places... a summer breeze, strolling through tall grass. But did you know you can also find it on the Chrome Web Store? After you install, you should see a little nyu in the upper-right.

When nyu looks like this, the extension is enabled. LÖVE on, little nyu!

When nyu looks like this, the extension is disabled. No LÖVEing for you. Your LÖVE will be downloaded instead!

Bottom line: when nyu is nice and green, clicky clicky and play. Can it be that it is all so simple?

What is all this text... I don't even... where do I DOWNLOAD?

Here's the thing. The extension isn't as smart as you or me. It doesn't know what LÖVE is. I mean, it doesn't know which files to load as .love files. So it guesses!

Here are some pointers for distributing the love:

LÖVELINESS has bugs. It's true! And unimplemented features. Yep, those too.

Take a look at this if you want to see the full list. :)

I helped a little too. binji